4 Stress in Children 5-6


What is Stress?

Stress is the way our bodies respond to the demands that are placed upon us by our environment, relationships, perceptions and interpretations of events and issues in our lives. When stress occurs, the brain signals the body to get ready to meet the challenge by stimulating the autonomic nervous system.



What is Stress? Phobias, and signs of stress.

Stress is with us everyday. In this workshop we talk about “Fight or Flight” response.

Signs of stress in Children. Separation anxiety, Phobias.


It’s normal for children to feel worried and anxious from time to time. Anxiety is a feeling of unease such as worry or fear-it’s an understandable reaction in children to change or a stressful event. For some children anxiety affects their behaviour. So how do you know when the child’s anxiety has reached this level?

What stresses people out is different from one person to the next but some of the signs of anxiety in children are:

Some of the signs to look for:

  • Finding it hard to concentrate
  • Not sleeping, or waking in the night with bad dreams
  • Not eating properly
  • Quickly getting angry or irritable and being out of control during outbursts
  • Constantly worrying and having negative thoughts
  • Feeling tense and fidgety, or using the toilet often,
  • Always crying or whining
  • Being clingy all the time(when other children are OK)
  • Complaining of tummy aches and being unwell.


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