Bundle 1 – Workshops 1-5 for $55

5 workshops dealing with Child behaviour. Describes strategies for dealing with anger and stress in children.

Psychological stress is an inevitable part of life and children can experience stress at an early age. It’s not always easy to recognize when children are stressed out. Some short-term behaviour changes can lead to anger and lead to a challenging child.

Bundle 1-5 consists of Child Behaviour, Helping Children Express Anger, Exploring Typical and ‘A’ Typical Development, Stress in Children and the Challenging Child.

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Bundle 2 – Workshops 6-8 $30

Three workshops relate to the Role of Play in children’s learning and development. Looks at ways to create an outdoor fun area that will support children’s intellectual, physical and social development.

Play with simple equipment away from plastic toys.

Bundle 6-8 consists of Learning through Play, Playing with Simple Equipment and Outdoor Play.

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Bundle 3 – Workshops 9-12 for $45

Four workshops that relate to the developmental characteristics of children in Fine, Perception, Sensory and Muscular and Gross Development. Describes how children develop in each domain and should aid in recognizing developmental delays.

Bundle 3 consists of Perception and Motor Control, Sensory System, Muscular and Gross motor Development and Fine Motor Control.

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Bundle 4 – Workshops 13-15 for $30

Looks at the basics of how children develop and how early experiences shape this development. Should babies be encouraged to “sign” before they can talk?

Bundle 13-15 includes three workshops Personal Skills, Social Skills and Communication Skills

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Bundle 5 – Workshop 16-20 for $55

Cognitive development deals with a child’s thinking skills and studies how children progress and gain information at a particular age. Some children have more specialized needs than others and this bundle will help you recognize how some disabilities affect children’s ability to function. Helps identify goals of early education for children with special needs

Bundle 16-20 includes five workshops in Drug Affected babies, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, Behavioural Disorders and Cognitive Development.

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