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Our Distance Learning Courses are set up to allow you to work from your own home at your own pace.

All our workshops are 2 hours. Complete list of workshops and hours

Caregivers working all day with children have limited time to attend classes at night to complete their professional development requirements.

We offer over 30 courses for Early Childhood Educators to complete their professional development online, courses are only $12 each. They are automatically downloaded to you immediately after ordering. There are a few questions at the end of each course that you submit back to us to show us that you have read and understood the course. We then issue you a certificate online that you can print off.

Students needing to complete the Responsible Adult 20-hour course sometimes have to wait for courses to be offered, or start, in their town or location, and it is usually spread over a period of several weeks. By offering the 20-hour course online it can be completed quickly and efficiently in your own timeline, and you can start immediately after ordering. The full 20-hour course is now $85 Canadian.

The ECE Registry has access to our database to check to see the validity of your certificate(s).

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