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11 Muscular and Gross Motor development 3-3



A young child’s physical growth begins as muscles gain strength with use, and children gradually develop coordination. The development of muscular control is the first step.

When we observe a young child from infancy onwards we look for the basic requirements for normal development.


Voluntary or Skeletal Muscles.

14 Social Skills 3-7


The definition of socialization is for the child to learn new skills that enable him to fit into society. Children who are skilled at social interaction tend to be more confident of their own ability and social attributes.

The single best childhood predictor of adult adaptation is not IQ, school grades or classroom behaviour, but rather the adequacy with which the child gets along with other children.

29 Toys and Electronics 6-2



Appropriate toys for children. Are war toys acceptable? Toys and Sex Stereotyping. How much should TV and Electronics have a place in a child’s life? Top Favourite Apps. Study on internet addiction in children.

A 2 hour Certificate of Completion is issued for this workshop.