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21 Music is all around us 1-5


Music is in our everyday lives. What are children learning when they are involved in musical activities and why should children be encouraged to participate in music?

How do you get children to listen?

Percussion and instruments – and how to make some.

How can music help in transition times?

23 Storytelling 3-9


Developmental appropriateness is the first factor to consider when preparing to tell a story. All children can listen to stories starting in infancy. Books for infants and toddlers have very basic story lines and simple colourful illustrations. A typical infant may have only a few hardboard or quilt cushioned like pages. The story may be something like a tour through a farmyard to learn about animal sounds.

33 Creative Development 6-10




Children should be continually developing their imagination and creativity across the curriculum. Their curiosity and disposition to learn should be stimulated by everyday sensory experiences, both indoors and outdoors. Children should engage in creative, imaginative and expressive activities in art, craft, design, music, dance and movement.