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9 Perception and Motor Control 1-4


It is a fundamental need for every child to be on the go. Unfortunately, in our electronic world, children often spend a great deal of time participating in activities which involve only mental skills. This is cause for concern.

What level of gross motor skills should a child be able to achieve by the age of 6?

What is symmetrical control, static and dynamic balance?

How do we help children develop language skills?

16 Drug affected babies 6-3



What is Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome? As caregivers we will most likely have interactions with children who were born addicted to opioids(Drugs). In this workshop you can learn What are opioids and what are the signs and symptoms of NAS. What are the most common side effects of drug exposure? Learn how drugs affect pregnancy. Some suggestions on how a child care facilitator can assist in promoting optimal development.

17 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 6-4



What is FASD? What are some of the characteristics of children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? Some guidelines to help you and the child gain a better understanding, and how to deal with issues that may arise. Learn what some of the common misconceptions are relating to FAS.

31 Truth and Imagination 6-8



Can children tell the difference between truth and imagination? Do they believe Santa and Fairies are real people? Does a child lie to increase their social popularity?

Are imaginary friends a concern?

A 2 hour Certificate of Completion is issued for this workshop.